KVHS Football 2022

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Dear KVHS Football families,
Thank you for your interest in photography for the KVHS FOOTBALL TEAM during this 2022 season. Hopefully, photos taken during this time will put a smile on faces as well produce a positive memory as we enjoy a truly normal season.

My name is Kevin Barrett and once again, we provided the team shot and head shots for the program. I also have a number of products that you may be interested in this season.

My contact is [email protected].

My website is www.kevinbarrettphotos.ca

There is a lot of info but basically, I have individual posed shots as well as action shots and a new game promotion digital image. The details are below and if you are interested, send along a note and I can get more specific.

The Main Individual photo that is new this year is the player standing in the lights of the stadium with their name and number displayed

It can be seen here - Link

We took a few poses I can send you to select your images or images. Many players enjoy a flexing look!

The costs are
5x7 $10
5x7 and 4 wallets (all same image) - $15
3 5x7 (all same image) $20
4 5x7 and 12 wallets (all same image) $35
Wallets (the same image) 8 for $15
8x10 individual - $20

We also have inspirational messages, such as B.E.S.T. or even others such as Believe, Leadership. Commitment, Discipline, No Limits

Examples of these can be found here and can be used with individual or action shots in 8x10 ($20), 11x14 ($35) and 16x20 ($60) formats
So there are a lot of options of those prints along with some fun ones I can create as well – They can be seen here – some are print only, some are specialty items.

DIGITAL GAME DAY promotion/use your player
One for $10, all regular season for $30 – Example here
An example can be found here – Each will be modified to reflect the schedule and feature a photo we took during our enjoyable team photo shoot prior to the season.
These need 24 hours notice and I will turn around as fast as possible, which may be factor for the second game vs Leo Hayes.


I took some general photos on Sept 8 and will be at home game on Sept 15 and Oct. 15.

If there are other home games in the playoffs, I should be able to get to that as well. I will have a general gallery of some the best photos from Friday’s game this week and again on Thursday, likely late in the weekend. You can check my facebook page for updates when ready.

Specifically, if you are interested in action photos of your player, they are 5 for $35 or 15 photos for $65.

By sending me an e transfer with the total, your player’s number and position to [email protected], will inform me you are interested and I can concentrate on your player.
Further, commemorative print collages are available from six or eight of the best shots

A collage print of 6 action photos, including name, position and number - $65
A collage print of 8 action photos, including name, position and number - $90

Examples in other sports can be found here

So, if you are interested, please reach out. Also, if you are interested in extended individual sessions of special graduate or high school prints, such as these - please feel free to reach out for pricing and timing options.

Again, a lot of options with we can do – so reach out once you have some thoughts and we can develop a plan.

Thank you


We're back, full time

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Just prior to the pandemic hitting the world, I made a grand exclamation to my family. The photography/writing/consulting business I contemplated had a big future ahead in 2020.

The summer was essentially booked, the fall was looking promising and the investment of time and energy to that point into a new enterprise was quickly gaining some traction.

That foundation was thanks in large part to many folks who enlisted our services in a variety of areas, ranging from sport and tournament coverage to press releases, graduation signs, family and senior photos, corporate events as well as a variety of other services we were offering.

RHS Sen -0761RHS Sen -0761

However, that all changed in March, 2020.

And while we have adapted to COVID-19, like so many, it was time to rethink our operation in light of restrictions in place across the Maritimes, where we planned to do all of our main work.

Fast forward to the spring of 2022 and all those relationships we built two years ago are back, as well as many any more. And with that, we are excited to jump into our business full time, beginning April 9.

We could not be more excited. We also understand the trust you are putting in us with capturing your memories and highlighting your event coverage.

We will offer many of the traditional products and services we have in the past but also, we will expand, to provide both value and premium products. It is our goal to make photo events an experience for those who want that - a memory of making the memory. 


Final 12 AAG-8805Final 12 AAG-8805


Details on those experiences will be forthcoming in the next few weeks and months.

We will be back at the soccer fields this summer in the Kennebecasis Valley and Saint John, we will cover the Memorial Cup for the Telegraph-Journal in June, the U Sports Canadian track and field championships at the Saint John Field House in late March, we just wrapped up the Final 12 and we will be available for sport teams throughout the region.

We have plans for schools, organizations and groups from all sectors to make their photo day an enjoyable experience for all of their students or members.

We are also looking forward to the Graduation season and have big plans for the Class of 2022 as well as some exciting new developments for the Class of 2023.

We will have traditional looks as well dynamic new products.

We are investigating a rebrand for our photo sector. So much on the go. 


KVHS Grad June 17-0044 editKVHS Grad June 17-0044 edit Emily R-4221Emily R-4221

And of course, when the leaves turn, we are excited for what promises to be an extra special season of family photos - not only in New Brunswick but also Prince Edward Island.

We will blog more regularly and give our clients a chance to shine.

This potential exists because of you and what you have asked for and what you want. We are delighted with the feedback we have received. Also be sure, we have taken your suggestions and worked them into a better and more efficient operation. With a full time dedication, we can work with our various partners for quicker turnaround times, a huge priority.

So join us for the ride. Looking forward to it.

Check us out at www.kevinbarrettphotos.ca


Inspiration-VerticalInspiration-Vertical lucy 11x14 2lucy 11x14 2

Class of 2021Class of 2021

Yard Signs 2020 Grad

April 22, 2020  •  4 Comments

Thank you for the overwhelming response to the yard sign 2020 gradation promotion, which was launched recently.

The interest and orders were more than I could have imagined, especially with graduation still a few months away. There have been a few questions, so I have some information listed here that will help. GRACELUKEGRACELUKE

The first order went to print recently and from there, I will order every Monday as long as demand is there.  Once again, thank you.


What schools are available?

 We can make prints for any school in the Kennebecasis Valley and Greater Saint John areas, as well as other parts of New Brunswick and PEI. Just send me the info and we can get started. If your school is not on the list on the order form, let me know and I will add it. We already have clients from Fundy High, Hampton High, Campobello Consolidated, Holland College of PEI and Richmond Regional in Quebec in additional to many schools in the Kennebecasis Valley and Greater Saint John areas.

We can prepare for any school, any grade, anywhere. Click this link for details.


Where do I buy the yard signs?

Please follow this link and you will have the options to purchase on line through my website.


What grades are these for?

 While Graduates in any school are the ones who will purchase most of the signs, they are for any one in any grade having an event they want to promote.


How do I submit photos?

You can submit any photo or two for the poster, as long as the following conditions are met. image1 (5)image1 (5)

1 – You have permission to use the photo for printing by the photographer who took it. This is particularly important with grad photos, which are taken in studio. The photographer owns the rights and in many cases, use other than the prints provide required special permission from the studio.

2 – All photos must be 300 dpi meaning high resolution, or the actual size on your phone (check the photo on the right. Please e-mail your photos to me at [email protected].

3  If you played football at KVHS or Rothesay, or KVHS Field hockey, Rothesay Varsity Boys basketball, Rothesay Varsity Girls basketball, RNS Varsity boys and girls hockey, RNS Prep Boys basketball, RNS Varsity boys and girls  soccer, KVHS Varsity Boys basketball, I may have action shots of your graduate on the field or ice!  

We can work to make it work on your design unique and special for you. I will develop a draft, let you view and approve it before sending it to print.


Yard sign holders

Yard sign holders are available for $5 each when you order. You could also display the sign in your window if you did not want the sign holder.


Special Message

You can add a little message, such as ‘With love, from Mom & Dad’ on the sign.



In the interest of utmost safety for all families, we will deliver to your home.

Promotion Pin 3Promotion Pin 3




Photos Canadian U15/17 Boys basketball

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Welcome to the 2019 Canadian U15 and U17 Canadian Basketball Championships. My name is Kevin Barrett and I will be taking individual posed and action shots throughout the tournament.

Individual posed photos for the Nationals Commemorative Print (In the style of the example below – adapted for each province and division) will be taken at the Richard J. Currie Centre. Please visit our booth on the 4th Floor of the Currie Centre to book a time or contact me at [email protected].

Parents can pre-order the commemorative print by following this link.

I will also have links to action shots each day from the event.

However, the photos are taken on a reserve basis and I can only take a limited number of players each game. For parents looking to book their action shots of their players, please click here to make your reservation. The reservation fee is $20 per player and will be applied to any order made.

For more information on the tournament photos, contact Kevin Barrett at [email protected] or visit https://kevinbarrettphotography.zenfolio.com/


Also, we have info on motivation posters, which can be accessed here https://kevinbarrettphotography.zenfolio.com/blog

Good luck to all.




Canadian U15/U17 posters

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Thank you for checking out my website and blog. It is a thrill to once again shoot the action at the national youth basketball championships in Fredericton. I will have various updates but to start off, we can transform your action shots into a motivational print.

 Just click the one saying that you like when selecting your photo order.

Here are the 10 posters to choose from. They come in vertical or horizontal alignments.

For more information, check into the photo desk at the Performance Gym.

Balance-VerticalBalance-Vertical Believe-VerticalBelieve-Vertical blog 1blog 1 Courage-VerticalCourage-Vertical Discipline-VerticalDiscipline-Vertical Endurance-VerticalEndurance-Vertical Imagination-VerticalImagination-Vertical Inspiration-VerticalInspiration-Vertical Leadership-VerticalLeadership-Vertical No Limits-VerticalNo Limits-Vertical



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